Islander editorial - Congrats to AMs, greatest football league

Bev Overton AM and Jennie Teasdale AM.

Bev Overton AM and Jennie Teasdale AM.

Congratulations to our three Queen's Birthday Honour List recipients from this year, Bev Overton AM and Jennie Teasdale AM pictured, and also Carol Miell OAM, who on Tuesday morning received their medals from the Governor at Parliament House. These are three truly deserving women and they can wear their medals with pride.

Speaking of deserving, it was a great honour to attend the Mail Medal presentation at the Ozone Hotel on Monday night where I handed out the goal-kicking awards. I must personally thank outgoing KI Football League president Andrew "Aphid" Heinrich for his kind words about my work filling The Islander pages with Island news. I just wish I had more pages as there is no shortage of good news and interesting happenings KI!

I must also support life member Andrew "Spoggy" Ward's comments that the KIFL is the greatest league around. For a small community of only 4500 people to field enough teams for five clubs is truly amazing. While other regions have undergone amalgamations in recent years, we on KI still have our five clubs, so well done to all.

Spoggy was also right when he said players need to remember that we are essentially all one family stuck out here on this rock. So when the play gets heated as it did in recent weeks, players need to remember that we are in the same league and we should shake hands and share a beer after the game. While we all hope for close games this weekend in the Grand Final, let's hope good sportsmanship prevails too.

We will have more online and next week's paper on proceedings from this week's council meeting. There was some interesting discussion about proposed higher density development at Emu Bay, and after councillors rejected the proposed Land Management Agreement plan, the ball is now in the developers' hands. You can watch the council meetings on our Facebook page, just remember to turn the volume up!

- Stan Gorton