Letters to the Islander | Sept. 12

Bridget Turner addressing the Parndana crowd with info about the Heart Stopper Challenge.
Bridget Turner addressing the Parndana crowd with info about the Heart Stopper Challenge.

Heartfelt thanks

We are devastated that we couldn't be in NZ to give our support to our beautiful family during such a tough time so this is how we showed our support.

The reason behind the icy water is because when a baby/child has surgery they can fill their chest cavity with slushy cold water to slow the hearts requirement for oxygen.

This can give the surgeons a longer window of operation time. This challenge is being done across NZ but we can't be there to do it and that's why we organised to do it here.

It was a huge success. Stephen, myself and Ejaay's family are overwhelmed with the Islands support. A huge thanks to our amazing Kangaroo Island community. It was such a fun day with some really good laughs.

Ejaay's family and friends got to watch the challenge live on Facebook in NZ and said they 'can feel the love'. It isn't all about the generous amount of money we raised it is also about the awareness. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone who was involved and made it such a fun day.

Thanks to Parndana CFS brigade for supplying the pool and water, while the ice came from the Davo's Deli, the Parndana hotel, while Daniel Dunstan made some more.

Bridget Turner & Stephen Warena, Parndana

Common land

Re: The Islander article September 2: Survey of KI residents shows 96 per cent do not want AWC villages in their proposed locations. It reminds me of a 17th century rhyme about Common Land that all people could use.

The Tragedy of The Common: "The law locks up the man or woman who steals the goose off the common but leaves the greater villain loose who steals the common from the goose." I think the most people today understand that the proposed location for AWC private luxury villages on the coastal headlands in a national park amounts to immoral theft of land that is Common Land for all to cherish.

Ann Prescott OAM, Adelaide

Island survey

The KI Eco-Action survey (The Islander September 2) not surprisingly, indicated that 96 per cent of KI residents surveyed opposed AWC's development in Flinders Chase National Park. As an off-island ratepayer, carer of a private sanctuary and regular visitor to FCNP, I have long been actively involved in matters concerning the Island. The concern for the well-being of FCNP and intrusive private development, goes well beyond the residents of the island to one of local, national and global interest. Can the KI Eco-Action survey be distributed more widely, to canvas broader opinion? The points in the survey raised by residents in opposition to the AWC development are strong including significantly: 'National Parks are for all of us not luxury and exclusive access'. The point of 'exclusive use' was raised at the SCAP meeting in Adelaide. Does this 'exclusive access' mean only clients of AWC have a right to use additional tracks and trails? Will we see locked gates and monitoring by AWC of park use by visitors?

Rhonda Avard, Gilberton