Mainland honey producer supplies supermarket with KI honey

Beehives on a Kangaroo Island farm.
Beehives on a Kangaroo Island farm.

A mainland honey producer from the Yorke Peninsula with hives on Kangaroo Island claims to have supplied the KI honey being sold in SA supermarkets.

Kangaroo Island beekeepers recently became aware of honey being sold on the mainland as supermarket branded "Kangaroo Island honey".

But honey producer Danny Le Feuvre from Australian Bee Services based in Ardrossan said last season he sold 10 tonnes of KI honey produced from hives on the Island to the packer that packs the Foodland honey.

"It is 100 per cent KI honey," he said.

Mr Le Feuvre said he sold his KI honey to Panda and they packed it for Foodland and one other distributor.

He acknowledged it was a poor season but that he still sold 10 tonnes of honey to Panda and that was more than enough for them to provide the "kangaroo island honey" Foodland-branded honey.