Symens family thanks Island for support

A couple of weeks ago there was a fundraiser held to help support our family while Richard continues to suffer ill health from his diagnosis and subsequent treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

Tickets were sold out and this amazing community we live in came out in force in the lead up to the night with the many generous items donated for auction and then again on the actual night.

We would like to thank Tanya and Alan Thomas and Sankara Sullivan from the bottom of our hearts for organising this event and for the huge amount of time and effort they all put in to make it happen

We would also like to thank Lucy Trowbridge for catering the event and Susie Keynes and Scott Ellson for providing the entertainment on the night.

Our hearts are absolutely bursting with the generosity of the Island community we live in and we feel very humbled by the overwhelming support you are all giving us.

From the moment Richard fell ill and we had to shut down our business, this Island has provided wood, meals, gardening, haircuts, accounting services, ferry travel, car servicing, money towards bills and so many more things that we can't actually fit them all in this letter.

We will endeavour to pay your help and generosity forward in any way that we can, when we are in a position to, some time in the future.

To feel this community wrap its arms around you when you need it is overwhelming in the most wonderful way and our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. - Sue, Richard, Hannah and Nicole Symens

Update from Tanya Thomas - Now that everyone has paid for their auction items we have a final tally on what we raised at the quiz night. The total is $9144.20.Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone for their support, donations and help along the way.This amount is totally overwhelming and is going to help the Symens family in so many ways.