Lions Club of Kangaroo Island celebrates 50 years

The Lions Club of Kangaroo Island held its 50th Charter Anniversary Dinner on Saturday, October 5 at the Kingscote Bowling Club.

District Governor Tom Kimber and his wife Jill were the guests of honour. He thanked and congratulated the members past and present for their service over the years.

Mayor Michael Pengilly paid tribute to the only original charter member present, Hartley Willson.

Mr Willson gave a presentation about the club's first 25 years, which was followed by a presentation by David Clifford about the last 25 years. Ian Boxer thanked the historians.

The club has raised $193,000 since its formation, with the club's women raising the lion's share through the various reincarnations of the opp shops.

The work of Jack Meakins who built the merry go-round in 1973 was recognised, as was the club's train built in 1979 for $500, which both continue to bring joy to Island children.

A prestigious Melville Jones Award was awarded to Rosie Willson, for her 43 years of service in the KI Lions' "Odd Shop".

Also receiving a Melville Jones Award was Ngari Clifford, recognised for being the carer to her brother Trevor, allowing him to continue as a Lions member.

The KI Lions Club has already $55,540 to local charities and $21,700 to designated Lions charities, with funds raised mostly by the women of the Lions opp shop Daphne's on Dauncy Street.