Kangaroo Island Garden Club visits three Pelican Lagoon properties

The weather was excellent for our September visit to gardens in the Pelican Lagoon area.

The natural landscape is areas of hard-sheet limestone with pockets of water repellent soil, scattered patches of scrub and surface rocks.

Sheep have been run there since the 1840s. The land was subdivided and now there are some beautiful gardens, with many of the loose rocks being used to edge gardens and paths, albeit with much heavy lifting!

We had an enjoyable day walking around three of these gardens.

We met at the entrance to the garden of Linda Jenkins and Indiana James. They have been there eight and a half years.

Many very old trees had to be cleared. Feral cats were eliminated. A variety of suitable natives were planted including banksia, which are putting on a wonderful show this year. Linda plans for this to be the last year of watering for the natives.

A lovely house, over 100 years old has been sensitively repaired. Building skills were practiced, first on the car shed and then on the workshop before restorative work on the house was began

Throughout the garden are lovely little metal sculptures of native fauna tucked in bushes, sitting on rocks, posts and even on part of an old shoe last.

Next was Jenny and Bob Teasdale's property, where we had lunch. They bought the property about 20 years ago and began planting. They have planted 10,000 trees.

They have been in the house for twelve and a half years. There are many shell grit paths, a "man cave" within a big bush, a giant caterpillar made from shaped bushes and a beautiful "Tom Appleby" wall at the back of the house. Jenny said that children have a lot of fun in the garden

We had our lunch in a room and balcony with beautiful views. Coffee, tea and cakes were provided.Then we enjoyed walking around, sometimes questioning Jenny or Bob and sometimes just admiring the garden beds, paths and views.

Then on to Maureen Hill's garden which was bought from Gwen Jones 15 years ago.

Maureen and Ray have wandering paths, attractive trees and bushes, the usual panoramic views of this area and lovely veggies in a glass house where Maureen invited us to try the peas.

We all did. They were crisp and delicious!

We wandered over to our cars talking about our lovely day. Thank-you to Linda, Jenny, Bob and Maureen for sharing their gardens.

As we left the rain poured down! How lucky were we to have enjoyed the gardens in the dry! - Joan Jenkins