First open pennants at Birchmore Bowling Club

First open pennants at Birchmore started with the raising of our new club flag by Rod Cowan, the designer of the "A Club in the Scrub" motif.

Jarrad McArdle of Parndana, asked for a minute's silence in memory of T.J.

Stephen Davidson was presented with the Kangaroo Island Bowls Association Men's Bowler of the Year Award for the 2018/19 season.

Due to Parndana organising a new green, they are currently sharing Birchmore and Kingscote greens so there were additional bowlers around.

To wrap up a good day at bowls a stay-on tea for all followed where Birchmore president Jenny Clifford presented Graham Morris with his Life Membership. - Jenny Clifford

Kangaroo Island Bowls Association

Open Gender Saturday Pennant Results


Kingscote Blue 109 shots / 12 points defeated Kingscote Gold 99 shots / 4 points ( Played at Kingscote) J Waller L Bell G Buick T Holmes 18/0 lost to P Tiggerman B Plattern T Johnson R Barrett 25/2 C Lui T Kempster J Bell S Bell 28/2 def W Edwards Jill Lovering M Barrett M Griffith 16/0 V McAuley C Bell G Steinwedel K Glasson 25/2 def G Platten H Barrett P Barker John Lovering 14/0 D Buick S Holmes J Price D Steinwedel 21/2 def M Pease M Turner J McEvoy D Hateley 17/0 G Davis K Lui L Werner P Maclean 17/0 lost to B Ulstrup E Florance M Glasson C Boxer 27/2

Parndana Red 113 shots / 10 points defeated Parndana White 111 shots / 6 points (Played at Kingscote/Birchmore) J Burry C Bell A Arnold J McArdle 21/0 lost to Marilyn Tremaine R Hams C Childs D Perkins 25/2 B Paxton T Aiau (sub) M May Chris Downing 28/2 def Merv Tremaine A Childs K Pratt 14/0 J Vigar M Loader P Burry B May 13/0 lost to T Barker (sub) Scott Carter E Murton M Couchman 34/2 J Hall G Barrett (sub) J Kelly t Bell 32/2 def N Murton B Letton J Shalay 13/0 N Arnold V Lockett Claire Downing D McArdle 19/0 lost to B Collins (sub) G Couchman Shane Carter T Jones 25/2

Birchmore Orange 124 shots / 12 points defeated Birchmore Grey 95 shots / 4 points (Played at Birchmore) J Possingham G Miller P O'Brien (sub) S Heatley 29/2 def B Hagerstrom J Beal J Kerry S Davidson 16/0 F Muller D Morris F O'Brien K Jarman 27/2 def J Cowin B Roestenberg G Black J Turner 16/0 G Pearson T Treble C Vandermerwe T Lehmann 16/0 lost to L Whyte D West R Cowin P Whyte 27/2 D Clifford C Jarman M Lehmann G Morris 32/2 def B Beal M Swayne S Boxer W Collins 15/0 J Clifford R Miller R Cass G Glynn 20/0 lost to Thelma Bennett Terry Bennett D O'Brien P Morris 21/2