Strawbrige Pointers salute the sun on Kangaroo Island

Jim Holland on board the yacht Samfire, sheltering from the Kangaroo Island sun's rays.

Jim Holland on board the yacht Samfire, sheltering from the Kangaroo Island sun's rays.

The sun has finally shown her golden orb and taken the Strawbridge Pointers sailors by surprise.

Only one Kangaroo Island boat was brave enough to endure the ultra violet rays of the sun and leave the safe haven of her mooring at American River to sail into unknown territory.

Samfire with Andy Wood at the helm and disabled crew of Jim Holland and Lesley Beck both nursing various limbs, took part in the ubiquitous sail.

The sun was worshiped as a powerful symbol of health and immortal life, not surprising we worship it so much, but to our detriment. Yoga on the other hand, although the contortions look unlikely for anything peaceful, it is for meditation!!!

However far-fetched, unbelievable and mind boggling it may appear, there is also a Salute the Sun beer. Apparently, It is a pale ale that is conditioned on sun dried black lime and vibrates with a ridiculous amount of citra hops. Unusual to say the least.

Anyway, back afloat with hats and sun cream being brought out of hibernation, the motley crew sailed Samfire around the bay, anchoring for lunch off Ballast Head for a feast of freshly cooked crabs, golden crumbed fish and fresh salads. Nothing better.

The wind shifted from a good sailing breeze that required a reef in the main, then died, shifted to dead ahead and finally dwarfed into nothing, making sailing back down the channel impossible and having to resort to the iron staysail (running the engine for those not initiated!) Still, skipper and crew arrived back home with no sun burn having had a lovely time afloat.

Also afloat but not moving, were David and Glen Churchill having got Buoyancy back from Port Adelaide and John Gray checking out AnnTidd. Found lurking onshore was Nick Pike from Dauntless: the suns rays are getting all intrepid sailors inspired for a good sailing summer. See you afloat soon. - MizAnn