Islander editorial - ship cancelled, show time on KI

Driving down into Penneshaw last Thursday morning, the white caps on the ocean and the lack of a large white boat on the horizon told me the first cruise ship of the season had been cancelled due to the weather. This means we now only have 25 left to go.

Last week I spoke about more visitors because of the cruise ship and ferry company expansion plans. What I forgot to mention was that we need to make sure we don't kill the goose that laid the golden egg. That is, what makes Kangaroo Island special is its serenity, lack of crowds and nature. Money can't buy those amenities and we need to make sure we preserve the Island's main attributes and resist the temptation to develop and industrialise our precious Island.

Having said that, it was a real shame the passengers could not disembark as Penneshaw was looking pretty in pink thanks to the hard work of the organisers of the breast cancer awareness campaign. Well done to all.

As a good country journalist I had lined up a couple of stories so the trip was a not a total loss. Stay tuned for a story about a new book based on explorer Louis Freycinet's journal and also repair work being done on the Grange sea eagle.

Speaking of hard work, well done to the volunteer organisers of the Kingscote Show. People may be quick with criticism about local events, but they don't realise just how much work goes into organising and convening a show.

Hard work is happening again right now for the 60th Parndana Show and judging by the ad on the front page, it's going to be a good one. Don't forget to get your entries in this Saturday at the pavilion!

Finally lets hope the council and contractor can get the Emu Bay boat ramp open sooner rather than later. What is needed is a big sign saying launch at your own risk and some fender work. But the breakwater should definitely have been built before the ramp and parking lot! - Stan Gorton