Kangaroo Island tennis: American River travels to Western Districts

American River travelled to the sports Mecca of Kangaroo Island - Gosse - to take on Western Districts in the latest round of tennis

Western Districts made one change from it's previous match, with Alex Laver recovering from major illness and taking the place of Greg Downing, who was impersonating Wally Grout on the cricket field, while American River continued their rotation policy when it comes to selection.

The Downing girls were in no mood for niceties, rebounding from their shock loss last start to beat Elkin Fulton and Eloise Wheaton 9-1 and get Wonks off to a flying start.

When Tye Boyle and the legendary Daryl Weatherspoon got the win 9-5 over Neil Stoeckel and Paul Green, then Alex Laver and Darren Morris defeated a wayward Brodie Florance and Simon Wheaton, the Saints had opened up a good early lead, before sister and brother combo Georgia Weatherspoon and Tait Florance got The River on the board, going into the singles contests.

Tracy Downing confirmed her status as the female G.O.A.T. of Kangaroo Island tennis, beating Elkin 6-0, while Tracy 2.0 (aka Lauren) won her singles 6-2, meaning Wonks had opened up a sizable lead.

Georgia did her bit for the American River team winning her singles, before Tait beat Wynn in a battle of the young guns. Doogs beat Dipper in the battle of the veterans and Tye underlined his self-anointed title of the best tennis player on KI by beating Neil 6-0, before a shockwave was sent round the Gosse district.

Daryl Weatherspoon, the elite athlete that he has shown himself to be time and time again over the past 30 years, went down in a screaming, swearing heap, in what most people assumed was a sniper attack.

After taking time to compose himself from what turned out to be a sore calf, Whiskas retired to the bar where he proceeded to do what he does best - offer advice to everyone who doesn't want it. It also gave Greeny his first win in his maiden tennis season. Brodie also won.

Of the live doubles contests left, Western Districts won them all. One easily, one in a tight contest, and one in a marathon.

Starting after everyone else had finished, Neil and Brodie got an early lead over Tye and Alex, before they fought back, only for the American River duo to gain the lead again, only for the Wonks pair to fight back again.

It was only right that the contest went to a tie-breaker, which itself ebbed and flowed, until Tye and Alex eventually won 11-9, where both pairs had match points.

A contest played in good spirits, Western Districts won 10 sets to 6, but with American River improving every week and some good players rumoured to be gracing the court in the near future, watch out for them in the second half of the season. - Rod's Nephew