Islander editorial - Future in hands of Kangaroo Island youth

For someone who had been disheartened by the state of our planet, our land and country and the future of our Island lately, it was heartening to attend KICE last week where KI young citizen of the year, Ryan Turner (pictured above) and his fellow students were working on their insect mural. Left to their own devices, these kids realise what is at stake and hopefully are smart enough to come up with solutions.

It is not climate change but more directly rampant population growth and development that threatens all three spheres mentioned above and how we can sustain ourselves into the future. That is the question that the kids and ourselves need to answer.

We do need to keep attracting visitors to the Island to see our wonderful natural attractions and exporting our value-added and premium products if we are going to continue to prosper.

It will be interesting to see how we progress with the folding up of replacing of the NRM board with the new Landscapes board. It will also be interesting to see who comes forward to operate the now defunct visitor centre at Penneshaw as a business.

KI with its small population base does need extra assistance from the State Government for maintaining our roads and visitor services, because we just don't have the manpower or finances to do it ourselves. We also have 160 people on Newstart. And yet we more than give back to SA when it comes to tourism and agricultural production, so come on State Government help fund our visitor centre, roads and boat ramps!

Moving on to a little housekeeping. After this edition we only have to two more before a bumper Christmas edition on December 19 and then we take a three-week break. We hope to have a bit of an end-of-year function and pop-up office next week, so stay tuned for the where and when, and in the meantime hope to see you at the Penneshaw or Kingscote carols. - Stan Gorton