Riverina farmer Paul Cocking hopes to see merino mailbox returned

Paul Cocking with his Merino mailbox. Picture: Nikki Reynolds
Paul Cocking with his Merino mailbox. Picture: Nikki Reynolds

Have 'ewe' seen this mailbox? A Riverina farmer has been left shaking his head in disbelief after some thieves stole his beloved icon.

Paul Cocking said the merino mailbox had been handcrafted by one of his best mates.

He added, the eye-catching piece had been out the front for three or four years and added a sense of identity to his property.

"I was so disappointed that people would stoop that low," he said.

"I am hoping that we find it or that someone returns it."

While no doubt frustrated by the whole thing, Mr Cocking can still see the funny and quirky side to the story.

After sharing his calls for the mailbox to be found on social media, Mr Cocking was flooded with messages of support with plenty of puns to make him chuckle.

Since he reported the theft to Holbrook police, his Twitter plea for help has had nearly 700 retweets and more than 455 likes.

"I am new to Twitter, so I was not really expecting it to go so well," Mr Cocking said.

"I think people, particularly out in regional areas, just wanted to see something different apart from the doom and gloom.

"I can definitely see the quirky side to this."

Mr Cocking said the frustrating part was that it would make his property harder to find.

"I would just say to people 'follow the road and turn when you see the sheep mailbox'," he said.

"My contractor even joked this morning that he was 30 minutes late because he did not see the sheep.

"People's kids always keep an eye out for it too when we drive."

At the end of the day, Mr Cocking said it was not the worst thing that could happen but he was frustrated by it.

He added that the thieves would have needed to use an angle-grinder to saw the mailbox off meaning it was not an impulsive steal.

"Hopefully I get it back in the end," Mr Cocking said.

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