Panthers at Wonks for second round of Kangaroo Island softball

First game of the second round of Kangaroo Island softball and Panthers travelled to the Club in the scrub.

A very even game for the first four innings when the score was five all with some great catches, tight fielding in the infield with accurate throws to bases.

Nick Shurven pitched all game for Panthers and Janine Mauheni and Georgia Weatherspoon for Wonks.

Home runs were hit by Kelesha Edwards and Georgia Weatherspoon for Wonks and Rory Baker for Panthers.

Things did not go well for Panthers in the fifth when they were three out for no runs and Wonks went onto score 10 runs and the mercy rule.

Then Panthers only managed two runs in the sixth and Wonks continued their batting spree for another seven runs for time and game on the mercy rule 22-7.

Welcome to Tanner and Raemi Morris and Georgia Weatherspoon, who continued her excellent form from her SAPSASA days pitching and batting strongly.

Injury caught up with Panthers Julz Hansen on first who had to retire and her daughter who 'I thought I was only a spectator' Brooke Baker took her place and also proved she hasn't forgotten anything from her early playing days.

Many thanks to Matt Cooper who umpired and his wife Alicia who scored for Wonks and to the Wonks ladies, who provided a tasty meal after the game.

Game next week is between Wonks and Parndana at Parndana. - Maggie Patterson