Lawn bowls action at Birchmore Bowling Green

Lovely day at the picturesque Birchmore Bowling Green on Saturday, December 7 for the Open Gender Pennant games Birchmore Grey versus Parndana and Birchmore Orange versus Kingcote Gold attended by Maggie's Photography.

Open Gender Pennant Results 07/12/19

Parndana Red 103 shots / 2 points lost to Birchmore Grey 126 shots / 14 points (Played at Birchmore/Kingscote) J Hall G Barrett Kelly T Bell 19/0 lost to R Willson Thelma Bennett D O'Brien G Black 28/2 J Vigar C Bell P Burry B May 17/0 lost to D West L Whyte R Cowin P Whyte 22/2 J Burry M Baltruweit H Watters J McArdle 21/0 lost to J Beal B Beal M Capon S Davidson 30/2 B Kelly C Beckwith N Arnold Chris Downing 26/2 def Terry Bennett B Roestenburg JTurner R Smith 14/0 A Arnold B Paxton Claire Downing D McArdle 18/0 lost to G Bates M Swayne S Boxer W Collins 26/2

Birchmore Orange 134 shots / 14 points def Kingscote Gold 109 shots/2 points (Played at Birchmore) R Miller D Morris M Lehmann G Morris 21/2 def B Ulstrup M Pease ) McEvoy D Hateley 19/0 C Van der Merwe S Sampson D Lovering G Berden 32/2 def G Platten P Tiggemann P Barker John Lovering 23/0 D Clifford F O'Brien G Glynn T Lehmann 33/2 def H Barrett Jill Lovering M Barrett M Griffith 18/0 J Possingham J Clifford S Heatley R Kaehne 14/0 lost to E Florance B Patterson M Glasson C Boxer 30/2 F Muller G Pearson G Miller K Jarman 34/2 def M Barker M Turner T Johnson R Barrett 19/0

Kingscote Blue 143 shots / 12 points def Parndana White 97 shots / 4 points (Played at Kingscote) J Waller L Werner G Buick T Holmes 21/0 lost to C Childs R Mackie E Murton M Smith 29/2 V McAuley T Kempster K Glasson J Berden 35/2 def Merv Tremaine P MacGill K Pratt A Childs 8/0 D Buick S HolmesPrice D Steinwedel 30/2 def R Hams (Sr) K Turner B Letton Chris Turner 16/0 T Aiau (sub) L Bell Bell S Bell 36/2 def G Couchman M Jago Shane Carter M Couchman 22/0 G Davis C Bell G Steinwedel P Maclean 21/0 lost to G Cahil N Murton R Hams (Jr) D Perkins 22/2