Trail markers added to Kangaroo Island parkrun course

Volunteers recently installed trail markers across the Kangaroo Island parkrun course, which runs between Kingscote ocean pool and Brownlow.

The course itself is a 5km return track and people can choose to walk, run, jog, walk a dog or push a pram.

Although parkrun officially runs every Saturday at 8am around Australia and the world, people are encourage to use the course at anytime.

It's a great way to keep active, and for those eager beavers to improve their run time!

We have to do a big shout out to the KI Council that kindly paid for the signage and supplied us with the posts free of charge.

Also to yours truly for ordering them, and to the ever so obliging Josh Shalay from KI Cabinets for helping with their instillation.

Though perhaps he had no choice as the parkrun coordinator Tessa is his wife!

Also a shout-out to those who crossed the line first last Saturday, December 7, and who helped dig the final, and most difficult, hole.

Having signs now means we don't rely on a volunteer each Saturday to put out turn-around signs, and it also helps people track the distance of their run or walk.

Thank-you to Lenny, Sidney and Kevin the Kelpie, who helped mark out the course, and the band of little helpers Ahlia, Kelsey and Mackenzie, who helped watch the posts get put in.

Alex Laver did a pretty good-job holding the post hole digger also.

We encourage people to join the growing group of park runners and walkers each Saturday at 8am, especially anyone visiting the island for the summer! - Deb Davis