King George Turner keeps adding lights to his magical Kangaroo Island castle

King George Turner just keeps adding more lights and structures to his magical castle on North Coast Road.

He is now at 60,000 plus lights and his latest project is a pirate ship on wheels called the SS Unicorn that will be rolled out the front of the castle when it is complete next year.

"People have been good to me, giving me discounts and donations," he said.

He started building his castle with a pair of turrets 16 years ago and since then it just keeps growing. He has not allowed the tragic death of his wife Coral, killed in a car accident on North Coast Road at the Emu Bay turn-off in April 2018, slow him down.

King George will turn on his lights by appointment all year, when it's not raining, but his official light show begins a week before Christmas and goes until New Year's Eve for about two hours from dark each night.

He does ask for donations as it costs $6 an hour to run the lights and he is constantly purchasing more and upgrading the system. "I've still got a truckload of lights and I've gotten about three years ahead of myself when it comes to my light supply," he said.

His ultimate plan is to build a miniature railway out in front of the castle towing interesting floats. "Floats like a yellow submarine, a tall ship and floats you have never seen before," he said. He has a lifetime's worth of the scrap metal to work with.