Kangaroo Island Wildlife Carnival moves to Kingscote due to bushfire

Photo credit Mike Barth.

Photo credit Mike Barth.

Over the past 24 hours we have been consulting with stakeholders with regards to the upcoming Wildlife Carnival this Saturday, assessing if it is 1) safe 2) appropriate and 3) viable to proceed.Overwhelmingly the sentiment has been that our community needs this now more than ever. The opportunity to come together for each other, for our local businesses, for our wildlife, for some respite, healing and love.

We understand that not everyone will agree with this decision. The devastation that is unfolding before us is far from over. The journey of rebuilding our community is going to be a long one and so we are making the following changes:

* The event will be moved into Kingscote, at Reeves point.

* Ticket numbers are still limited but we are removing the set ticket price, people can choose to donate what they can afford. If you have already purchased a ticket and are seeking a refund this will be offered, otherwise ticket revenue to date will go towards making the event possible.

* We will hold aside an allocation of free tickets for those severely affected by the fires so that they get first priority.

* There will no longer be a VIP area (as per above those that have purchased VIP tickets will be offered a refund).

* The charity auction will be limited to a smaller number of physical items. For those that have donated experiences such as tours and accomodation we will contact you in the near future to assess if you still want to donate, and then run an online auction when the timing is right to align with encouraging visitors back to the Island.

* The event remains single use plastic and smoke free, no BYO food or alcohol.

Archie Roach and Paul Grabowsky and all the musicians involved are committed to helping our community during this difficult time in the best way they know how - through the power of story and music. Please bare with us while we implement the changes to the event and if you are planning on joining us on Saturday the 11th from 3pm at Reeves Point stay tuned for announcements on how to secure a ticket.

Kate Welz and Sarah Kemp x