Kangaroo Island Lions Club helping the bushfire affected move forward

The Lions Mart Shed at the Kingscote oval.
The Lions Mart Shed at the Kingscote oval.

The Kangaroo Island Lions Club is continuing to coordinate efforts to help affected people of the recent fires to recover and move forward.

The Lions Mart Shed will continue to donate goods to genuine impacted persons, and has been open six days a week since early January to assist.

But the shed at the Kingscote oval will now open on Monday from 9am to 12pm, or outside of these times by appointment. Goods for those affected can be obtained when they are in Kingscote.

The mart will be open as normal on Friday's 9am to 12pm, for both general business and fire impacted persons.

The contacts for the maanager Rohan Kaehne 8553 2663 or Bevan Patterson on 8553 0165 or 0417 859 093 or John McEvoy on 0427 545 367.

The Lions need customers on these days to clear stocks, and to raise monies to help this community.

As expected we have been inundated with generous people donating various goods, some are of value, some we need to select, as our shed is crowded and until all persons have a home or shelter, they cannot take possession of items they will need in the future.

We are asking people with goods to donate to ring the above to describe their thoughtful donations, or drop in at the Shed with details, and evaluate their usefulness at this present time. We will register their items for future placement.


Consumer articles and various other donated items are being addressed by the Lions Op shop ladies, as we have numerous goods that must be cleared from sheds that need to be emptied for health reasons.

At our recent Board meeting we committed the donations of money we have received from around Australia to our local Junction Australia to service urgent needs to those fire affected. JA have the expertise and knowledge of those in need, we do not.

Our Lions Club is working with and for the Western Lions, many who are affected and are too occupied with their own circumstances to attend meetings.

Kangaroo Island Lions have committed part of our contribution to provide one evening meal per week to Blaze Aid volunteers, at Parndana Bowling Club, who also have many members impacted.

We can be of help for the long haul, but need to know where our help is best directed. Some local advice on particular circumstances should be given to Junction Australia, some who need help do not ask for it, but the giver and receiver both benefit. - John McEvoy