Bendigo comedian Cody Jones on that viral video of Conor McGregor and TikTok

'I'M THE DOUBLE CHAMP':Cody Jones' impression of Conor McGregor has circled the world in a viral video. Picture DARREN HOWE
'I'M THE DOUBLE CHAMP':Cody Jones' impression of Conor McGregor has circled the world in a viral video. Picture DARREN HOWE

A BENDIGO comedian whose 15-second video has gone viral says social media has replaced TV as the most sought-after space for exposure.

Cody Jones' impression of Irish mixed martial artist and trash-talking UFC star Conor McGregor has now been viewed 1.1 million times on social media platform TikTok.

"It seems like people respond to impressions on that app," he said.

"And Conor McGregor had a big fight coming up at the time. I think he was on a lot of people's minds."

The impersonation was posted in the lead-up to McGregor's comeback fight with Donald Cerrone and amid mounting speculation about a rematch with Floyd Mayweather, the man who defeated him in a high-profile 2017 bout.

Video courtesy of TikTok and Cody Jones

"I've been told my Conor McGregor impersonation is world-class," Jones says at the start of the clip.

"'I'm the champ-champ! I'm the double champ! Floyd Mayweather - his little head, his little torso - I'll snap him in half!'" Jones says, mimicking McGregor in a piece to the camera.

Jones started posting on the site recently to "have a bit of a laugh with friends" and to see what kind of following he and fellow comedian Broden Minogue could create as they planned their new podcast, Broden & Cody Flow State Podcast.

So a viral video came could not come at a better time.

"It used to be a big deal if you got on TV. Now, if you can be seen by millions of people online it's even bigger because it's permanently there and can be shared," Jones said.

"A lot of good things happened for me because of the video. I was getting messages from big companies asking to share it."

Video courtesy of TikTok and Cody Jones

Follow up videos have not achieved such lofty heights as the first clip but more people are watching, Jones said.

The Flow State Podcast will delve into pop-culture and there are plenty of references to the UFC, he said. It aired at 5pm on Wednesday.

Both he and Minogue are planning live shows later this year, including in Bendigo.

"We did one last year at the God Dust Lounge as part of the Bendigo Comedy Festival, so hopefully we can do some in the next couple of months," Jones said.

Cody Jones' TikTok profile is @cody_jones

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