CFS doing post-fire building impact assessments on Kangaroo Island

Photo CFS
Photo CFS

The CFS's Development Assessment Service is visiting Kangaroo Island this Friday and Saturday February 28-29 to undertake post-fire building impact assessments.

Bushfire-impacted residents are asked to contact the CFS if they are interested in getting their property assessed.

Western Sydney University is working with the CFS on the project, which is modelled on the work done in NSW.

The project is looking at why houses were saved, wholly or partially, and whether properties were saved due to certain plant species or good clearance zones or particular building materials.

The data will help rewrite the next phase of planning and building in standards for bushfire prone areas at a national level.

If you have a home or property that was damaged or impacted by the recent fires in these areas, but was not destroyed, and you would like your property to be part of this project, please submit an expression of interest to or call 8115 3372.

Residents are asked to provide the extent of damage incurred, even if it was just property damage and not house damage.