BStrong and the Global Empowerment Mission have added $70,000 to the relief effort.

Jenny Mann, Greg Georgopoulos, Michael Capponi & Zoë Robins
Jenny Mann, Greg Georgopoulos, Michael Capponi & Zoë Robins

An international team of experts have come to Australia to deliver emergency assistance and support to hundreds of families impacted by the unprecedented Australian bushfires.

Kangaroo Island and Adelaide Hills communities have received a much needed boost through the distribution of $70,000 in 'BStrong' gift cards donated directly to impacted residents.

BStrong gift cards are an initiative of Global Empowerment Mission, an international relief organisation that provides emergency aid across the world.

The 'BStrong' mission team has worked alongside Kangaroo Island Council Chief Executive, Greg Georgopoulos to distribute the gift cards and interact with the residents.

Additional support will also be provided to the organisations and businesses focusing on treating the hundreds of Koalas and native animals that were rescued following the bushfires.

The team said they were particularly impacted by the immense devastation across Kangaroo Island which burnt 211,255 hectares and destroyed 89 houses, 296 shearing sheds and buildings and 276 vehicles as well as over 100,000 sheep and thousands of cattle.

The enormous wildlife losses included half of the island's 50,000 Koala population perishing and tens of thousands of kangaroos, wallabies, reptiles and birds. Tragically returning home from fighting the bushfires, local identities Dick Land and his son Clayton also died when their vehicle was consumed by fire.

Additional relief will be provided in the coming days in New South Wales as a continuation of this project, with more than $300,000 in total being distributed.