Coronavirus crisis: All Australians returning from overseas will be quarantined

 Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: Karleen Minney
Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: Karleen Minney

With a huge proportion of Aussies returning home infected with coronavirus, quarantine measures have been ramped up.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison stopped well short of a nationwide lockdown but did announce that from midnight Saturday, states and territories will quarantine all arrivals in hotels for two weeks.

If people arrive in Melbourne, but their home is in Tasmania, they will have to quarantine in Melbourne, Mr Morrison said.

This will be enforced by the state and territory governments and will be supported by the Commonwealth while members of the Australian Defence Force will assist with compliance.

"We will be turning out the Defence Force to support compliance with these arrangements," Morrison says.

He says he's sure the ADF will perform compliance checks sensitively.

"We're in two fights, we're battling this thing on two fronts and both are important.

"Both will take lives. Both will take livelihoods.

"It's incredibly important we continue to focus battling both enemies to Australia's way of life.

"We will be doing more to provide whatever support we can to support Australians and businesses during these difficult times.

Every day someone's in a job for just another day is worth fighting for."

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Where Australia stands right now

Australia's death toll stands at 13 with over 3000 Australians testing positive to the coronavirus. In NSW there are 1405 cases, Victoria 574, Queensland 493, South Australia 235, Western Australia 231, ACT 53, Tasmania 47 and Northern Territory 12

As of 11am AEST the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide totalled more than 529,000. More than 23,000 people have died but more than 122,000 people have recovered from the disease.

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