Drive-by baby shower for Kangaroo Island mum-to-be Lucy McNaught

Lucy McNaught and her husband Richard 'Asa' Asalemo are expecting their second child in mid-May on Kangaroo Island.

Lucy's friend Bek Strempel had planned a big baby shower. The venue was booked, and Bek and her friends had planned games, gifts, lunch platters and cake.

Then the COVID-19 coronavirus struck and as a pregnant mum, Lucy made a particular effort to self-isolate to stay safe.

So the baby shower was off - even before Lucy knew about it!

But there are still ways to show friendship, even while we're all trying to stay apart in this age of coronavirus.

Bek organised for all the guests to decorate their cars and meet at on Saturday morning, April 25, just over the hill from Lucy's house in Kingscote.

Lucy works for Kangaroo Island Wool promoting the Island's wonderful produce and Asa is a shearer. Together they already have Emily, age 5.

Lucy had no idea about Saturday's drive-by baby shower, though she thought it was odd that Asa had tidied up the yard and told her to change out of her pyjamas.

The parade of cars down the Kingscote street.

The parade of cars down the Kingscote street.

She was surprised when seven brightly decorated cars with about 30 guests paraded through her front gate, with streamers, balloons and honking horns!

Everybody was dressed in masks and gloves, and handed presents out of their car windows with tongs and even bait nets.

Each car then headed out the back gate - with many of the cars heading round the block for a second pass!

Gifts included toilet paper, toys for baby's big sister Emily and a small air horn for Lucy to wake up Asa if he sleeps through the baby crying.

Accepting a gift handed over in a fishing net.

Accepting a gift handed over in a fishing net.

It was important to show support, because this is a hard time to bring a new family member into the world.

Make sure you do something to show your support to any new mums you know wherever they are, even if you can't visit them.

Phone calls, texts, messages and presents left on the doorstep will all be received gratefully.

Lucy's baby shower was a great example of how many ways there are to connect. - Alice Teasdale