How to stop bindiis ruining all your fun

How to stop bindiis ruining all your fun

A healthy lawn provides a soft landing for kids at play and is the perfect place to enjoy loads of physical activity, so make sure you're not tip-toeing across your backyard this springtime because of that dreaded weed, the bindii.

Bindiis are the natural enemy of anyone who wants to play games or exercise outside on their lawn.

Now is the perfect time to take charge and stop them in their tracks, so your feet stay safe from their pesky prickles come spring. Act now, and your feet will thank you later.

To help Australians prepare their lawns for spring, Alicia Lammond from Scotts Lawn Builder has put together her top tips for beating bindiis.

Don't wait to strike

Timing is everything when trying to get the upper hand on the infamous bindii.

You might not realise it, but bindiis begin their growth during autumn and start to take hold without you even noticing.

Ensure that you begin to implement your bindii preparation now to nip these weeds in the bud before they stop you from enjoying your lawn in spring.

An easy solution is to invest in a lawn treatment that connects to your trigger hose, so you can spray it evenly across your lawn without any mess. Be sure to select a treatment that is safe for use on all lawn types, including Buffalo.

Slow your mow

Grass growth slows down as the weather starts to cool, which means lawns should be mowed less frequently.

A top tip for autumn and winter mowing is set your blades a little higher to ensure your grass stays taller and denser. This will help to insulate the soil and discourage the growth of weeds.

Patch up bare spots

After the summer months, your lawn might have ended up with some bare patches here and there.

During autumn, before the cool weather really sets in, is the ideal time to take action to repair them. Patches can be fixed with some top dress soil and seed, but ensure you pick a seed variety that will still grow in winter.

Even better, invest in a lawn seed that includes starter food to assist in developing stronger grass.

Nutrition is important

Feeding your grass will give it that added boost of nutrients it needs to develop side shoots and thickness, therefore deterring future weed growth.

When choosing a fertiliser, ensure you use a slow release version that will give your lawn the consistent feed it needs to build deeper roots.

A stronger lawn will survive the cooler months and prevent weeds - such as bindiis - from creeping through.