KI Garden Club report, July 2020

Jenni Macauley buys produce From Jaffrey Drinkwater's Trading Table. Photo: Supplied
Jenni Macauley buys produce From Jaffrey Drinkwater's Trading Table. Photo: Supplied

President Anne Morrison opened the Kangaroo Island Garden Club meeting and welcomed the 36 attendees.

She then explained the COVID-19 restrictions resulting in members having the recommended 1.5m distancing.

There was a sanitising area and on a table and a list for everyone to sign and enter their contact details.

Later, afternoon tea was served on individual disposable plates with tea or coffee in disposable cups.

Anne then introduced the guest speaker Bev Overton.

Bev was born on Kangaroo Island and has lived here all her life, except for 10 years between 1960 when she left to be with Dean, and 1971, when she was delighted to come back.

There was a position for Dean on the Island. He went off for training leaving Bev to organise the packing of goods and chattels and the transport back to Kangaroo Island.

They lived with Bev's parents while they built their own house.

Bev worked part-time while having two daughters and helping with the building and furnishing the home.

In 1984, once the girls had left home, she was seriously into mapping, collecting, identifying and recording native plants.

Bev has the necessary permits for collecting native plants in the wild.

She also has many plant species in the Adelaide State Herbarium and her own herbarium is the official Kangaroo Island Herbarium.

She is also passionately interested in post fire ecology.

She has been on many committees e.g. CFS, EFS and the KI Flora and Fauna group, and has won several awards, including an A.M.

In 1989 she was involved in the Biological survey of Kangaroo Island and has investigated controls for Bridal Creeper.

She has written, or assisted with, several books:

Kangaroo Island's Native Plants, with Ivan Holliday and Dean. 1994 was very popular and sold 7000 copies.

Discover Kangaroo Island's Native Flowers, with Dean. 2012 Salt, Gypsum and Charcoal. 2007. A history of industries on Kangaroo Island,1803-1992 Native Orchids of Kangaroo Island: a field guide. 2017. Compiled by the Orchid group of the Kangaroo Island Flora and Fauna Club. Bev wrote the text and Dean took the photos.

There are 68 known orchid species on Kangaroo Island.

Bev and Dean have also produced a poster of Kangaroo Island wild flowers.

After her talk Bev was thanked members chatted and admired her display of awards and books.

Each month the club will hold a trading Table. The proceeds, $42.75 plus $10 donated by the visitors, will be given to NRM for the bushfire appeal.

There were many pretty flowers in "Flower of the Month" competition which was judged by Bev.

Di Arnold won with a large daffodil.

The next meeting will be lunch at "Frogs and Roses" followed by a visit to Lindy's Garden.

For catering purposes please let Anne know if you are attending.

There was a list for names at this meeting. If you didn't list your name and wish to come please let Anne Morrison know.

Alternately, if you've listed your name and find you can't come, also please let her know, phone 0428 955 598.