Kangaroo Island Connect (Kic) resumes ferry service to Kangaroo Island, launches 'Club' pass

KIC FERRY: The Kangaroo Island Connnect ferry James Cowell at its mooring at the American River wharf.
KIC FERRY: The Kangaroo Island Connnect ferry James Cowell at its mooring at the American River wharf.

Kangaroo Island Connect (Kic) will resume its ferry service for the summer months from Saturday, September 26.

It's also set to introduce its new Kic Club pass, allowing passengers to enjoy discounts on services from more than 100 local businesses.

The new timetable and details about the Club pass and participating businesses will be on the Kangaroo Island Connect website

Managing director David Harris said Kic's aim was now to better connect the Fleurieu Peninsula districts with KI.

And Kic passengers could easily recoup their travel costs with the savings to be had at participating businesses.

"We are thrilled that local business in both districts have got behind the Kic Club," he said.

"There is a huge opportunity for the Fleurieu and the Island to work together to create a one stop larger and better integrated tourism offering."

Mr Harris said Kic business model with its fast, affordable ferry and fleet of hire cars and vans on the Island was all about getting people to spend more time, self-driving around the Island and visiting local businesses.

"One-day, rushed trips to and from the Island do little for both districts. Staying a few days and enjoying what's on offer now off-sets the passenger cost on the ferry."

Mr Harris said Kic wanted to see more locals from KI and Fleurieu using the ferry service and associated hire cars.

"We all need to start thinking local, travelling slowly and leaning into relationships with friends and family. Let's start by enjoying the things International tourists travel halfway around the world to see and do in South Australia," Mr Harris said.

"Kic Club is not a government or industry based initiative. It's simply local businesses coming together to lower the cost of getting to KI and back on the Kangaroo Island Connect ferry.

"Collectively we want to encourage as many people as possible to jump on the ferry to enjoy what the two districts have to offer. Just come down, jump on, pick up your pass then go off looking for our Kic Club partners."