Kangaroo Island artists give thanks for living on the Island they love

Kangaroo Island Art Society appreciates the support islanders, residents and the broader South Australian community has given to local artists.

This includes visiting the society's Murray Street gallery since its COVID-safe reopening.

Amber Nimmo, Emu Bay.

Amber Nimmo, Emu Bay.

After January's fires, and with some of its members dealing with its direct devastation, COVID-19 hit.

And after nearly three months of closure, the financial viability of the society's gallery was thought to be under threat.

Community support, through the purchase of local artists' creations and the rent and fee reductions generously offered by the Kangaroo Island Council and BankSA, has meant that the society is doing well.

The society is celebrating with its spring exhibition - Love Where I live - My Island Home - which is running to October 16 with 14 local artists expressing their love for our Island.

Our youngest artist, 15-year-old Amber Nimmo, has two artworks entered, other exhibitors come from all over the island to join in celebrating our community spirit. - Sara Hourez