Close contest for MacGillivray versus Western Districts junior cricket | Photos

The U16 game MacGillivray versus Western Districts was played at MacGillivray on a very warm morning for cricket.

MacGillivray batted first with Trae Lovering, Aedan Bolwell, Ethan Stoeckel and Rory Baker all retiring. Wickets for Western Districts were Brady Christophers Cameron Stuart and Ricky Nimmo. Stumping to Oscar Morgan and a runout to Blaize Whale.

Western Districts had Oscar Morgan and Brady Christophers retire with help from the bottom order. Wicket takers for MacGillivray were Aedan Bolwell, Trae Lovering, Ethan Stoeckel, Rory Baker, Archie Lockett and Billie Lovering.

Great contest seeing MacGillivray making 146 and Western Districts just short making 136. - Georgia Weatherspoon