Quizmaster Tom Gleisner never really knows what will be said next in answer to his quest for news knowledge

Have You Been Paying Attention? quizmaster Tom Gleisner

Have You Been Paying Attention? quizmaster Tom Gleisner

There's quiz shows where people try to outsmart each other or a super nerd to win money, or not, and then there's Have You Been Paying Attention? where five panelists chew on the headlines of the preceding week and spit out some facts but mostly witty fiction.

Quizmaster Tom Gleisner wrangles regular panelists Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee, along with sharp comedians, actors and radio commentators as they unceremoniously call-out politicians, personalities, sportspeople and anyone who dares to make the news, shredding their dignity and dumping them from their perceived pedestals.

Gleisner says he and his team at Working Dog Productions divide up the news, devour it and try to find the most interesting things that have happened.

"Last year was particularly challenging with virtually every question dealing with COVID," he says.

Forced to devise a means of overcoming lockdowns and social distancing, panelists dialled in from home and the usually packed audience was made up of crew members.

"I missed having my friends in the room with me, and the live audience. We fully intend to have the contestants back in the studio, but these days everything you say has an asterisk next to it."

Gleisner says the jokes about his age, Pang's Asian heritage and other politically incorrect wisecracks are all taken in the spirit it was intended.

"Comedy is always on the wrong side of the edge. People enjoy good humour and banter. The show is about entertainment. I think it's good-natured. I've been told some people even get their news from us, which is rather disturbing and I would urge people to find a more balanced view of the news."

What does he love most about the show?

"I genuinely have no idea what is about to be said."