Letters: Kingscote timber plan, River resort housing

Not a good idea

The same reasons that Smith Bay was not an appropriate site for shipping logs off the island (environment and roads) are surely the same for the town of Kingscote. The integrity of the wharf for future fishing (dust carried from the hopper to the adjacent wharf seabed) and the roads leading into Kingscote deteriorating even further.

Kingscote also has two other factors, tourism and community. Trucks will be stopped at pick up times for school drop-off, but what of school holidays with children riding their bikes and the town full of tourists? 190 truck movements a day and 36 per hour at peak times seems a huge amount of traffic.

Beth Davis, Kingscote

River resort proposal

The latest draft for the American River resort is available for comment on Plan SA's website. A number of amendments have been made in response to community concerns however the addition of a staff "village" is of great concern.

Rather than the accepted notion of a village as a cluster of dwellings, this is a three-storey container construction to house 56 workers. I have no objection to container housing and have seen it used to stunning effect in Australia and overseas however the design of this block of flats is inappropriate in a rural setting.

Furthermore, cramming staff into cramped accommodation is disrespectful and at odds with our democratic values. The building is planned for a site butting up against properties on Allen Street, Buick Drive and Sea Eagle Way. Due to its height, the building will be generally visible along Buick Drive.

I urge Islanders to take a close look at the current draft and respond before the deadline of May 7.

Penelope Smith, American River

Agent's lament

Buyer: I'm interested in that property at Pelican Lagoon, like to put an eco friendly cottage on it.

Agent: Terrific! Small problem though, the authorities aren't really keen on a house being built there. Conservation Zone you know.

No problem. I'll just put a caravan on it.

Bit of a problem there. No road access. And council won't construct the road for you. Budget constraints you know.

Well I'll just construct my own road, Got a mate with a D9 Caterpillar. Put it through in no time.

Great idea, Council will allow that, providing you construct it to council's specifications. Has to be wide enough for the garbage truck to go down

But I don't get garbage collection do I?

Sorry, that's the rules.

So I guess if I don't have road access, no garbage collection and probably can't build a house, I get a reduction on council rates?

No, not really. You pay a rate based on the property value, that's $607. Then you pay a fixed charge, $290. And there's $225 for waste management and disposal.

But if I'm not living there, I don't generate waste do I?

Well someone has to pay for the waste that tourists generate! So everyone shares the load. And by the way, there's the Natural Resources Levy of $79 to pay.

What's that for?

That's to stop visitors bringing in potatoes and unwashed rabbits.

Unwashed rabbits? Sorry! Always get them round the wrong way!

Peter Hawkins, Adelaide 

Graham's Seat

The memorial seat for Graham Lloyd.

The memorial seat for Graham Lloyd.

Brothers Doug from Gawler, Bob Lloyd from Crystal Brook and nephew Roger Trethewey travelled to Penneshaw recently to construct a memorial to their late brother and uncle, Graham Lloyd.

With the help of Brian Johnston, who assisted with local wood and the use of his workshop, and Grant Burne, who assisted with the engraving of the letters on the backrest, they made the seat and placed it in a special site on the Wallaby Track.

The brothers would like to thank Brian Johnston and Grant Burne for their assistance.

Caroline and Bob Lloyd, Crystal Brook

From Facebook 

(Concerns on the Kingscote timber plan)

We hope all the side streets off of the Playford get turning lanes. Try turning onto Lovers Lane or Douglas when the ferry traffic is coming into Kingscote, Can imagine even worse with a logging truck behind you. - Tonya Chenoweth

So is the main road in and out of Kingscote going to be upgraded to accommodate these trucks? - Mitchell Thomas

The council will need to submit an infrastructure plan to Morrison to widen the Playford and the Cygnet River bridge. The plan takes little consideration of the stakeholders sharing the road and the townsfolk of Kingscote. - Nick Bryce


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