Cape Borda's wildlife warriors

Kangaroo Island couple Shona and Rick Fisher may have rescued more wildlife than anyone else during last summer's bushfires.

Living at the corner of Jump Off Road and Cape Borda Road meant they were in the thick of it during the January 2020 fires.

They had two fires come through their property, first on January 1 and then January 3.

They lost a large shed, other outbuildings and a caravan, but fortunately they were able to save their home as the fires raged in the plantations and bushland surrounding their property.

By the end of the fire disaster they had picked up and delivered 123 koalas, plus other native animals, to the animal hospital at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park at Parndana.

The couple said that during the crisis they had spent five to six hours a day rescuing koalas, roos, wallabies and echidnas from Gum Ridge, Lycurgus and Gingerbread gum plantations and then drove them to the Parndana Wildlife Park for treatment.

Also in the weeks and months since the fire, they have been feeding up to 20 kangaroos on their property.

And they have all done with little or no help from government agencies or charities.

Shona finally set up a GoFundMe page a few weeks ago to help with ongoing expenses, but it gained little traction and she has since taken in down.

In a little bit of good news, KI Pure Grain has agreed to donate up to half a tonne of barley or wheat to help feed the kangaroos, and supplement what the Fishers have purchased.

Interestingly, and perhaps most shockingly, it does not appear if the native wildlife population at Cape Borda is recovering after the intensity of the fires.

For example, the couple are still not seeing any wallabies or possums, nor have they seen any snakes but they do see the odd goanna and echidna.

Having lived on their five acres of cleared land and 200 acres of heritage wilderness for the last 16 years, the Fishers were used to seeing large mobs of kangaroos prior to the fires.

Now they only have a small group of about 10 individuals and the one alpha male who has been there all the entire time.