Lawn bowls get underway on Kangaroo Island | PHOTOS

The first Pennant matches of the Kangaroo Island lawn bowls season were played Saturday, October 9 at the Kingscote, Parndana and Birchmore greens.

October 9 results

Birchmore Grey 95 (2) Birchmore Orange 130 (14) - played at Birchmore

Collins Hagerstrom Swayne Berden 20 def D Clifford J Possingham Cass Lovering 19

West J Cowin L Whyte P Whyte 17 lost to Treble J Clifford Kaehne Glynn 20

D O'Brien A Bates Thelma Bennett R Cowin 18 lost to Muller Kathy Jarman Johnson Kevin Jarman 21

G Bates Terry Bennett Boxer Turner 26 lost to Hoerbelt J Barrett F O'Brien T Lehmann 35

J Beal V Willson B Beal R Willson 14 lost to D Morris G Pearson M Lehmann G Morris 35

Kingscote Blue 114 (5) Kingscote Gold 121 (11) - played at Kingscote

J Waller Browne K Glasson Keitel 24 lost to Pease Ulstrup McEvoy M Barrett 32

L Bell S Graham G Steinwedel Griffith 24 def Florance T Boxer Price C Boxer 21

McAuley Patterson M Glasson Berden 24 def Chambers M Barker P Barker R Barrett 23

Y Turner M Turner Johnson D Steinwedel 22 lost to Werner Jill Lovering Kerry S Bell 25

Davis W Walden Preusker Maclean 20 drew G Platten Kempster John Lovering J Bell 20

Parndana Red 109 (4) Parndana White 137 (12) - played at Parndana

Hall Barratt J Kelly Trevor Bell 33 def Perkins R Hams (Snr) Jones R Hams (Jnr) 23

B Kelly Letton Claire Downing Chris Downing 21 lost to G Couchman A Childs Tony Bell C Turner 31

J Burry Cooper P Burry B May 16 lost to P Tremaine C Childs Pratt M Couchman 31

Paxton C Bell M May J Hateley 13 lost to N Arnold N Murton Fogden Shalay 27

Carter Vigar Smith D Hateley 26 def Macgill M Tremaine D McArdle J McArdle 25

KIBA Ladies Pennant  - Oct. 7 Round 2


M. Loader, G. Couchman, R. Morgan, P. Burry 16 Lost to

B. Paxton, K. Turner, H. Mossop, C. Downing 24

Y. Hams, E. Murton, C. Bell, C. Childs 31 Def

A. Arnold, V. Lockett, M. May, J. Kelly 7


A. Bates, J. Possingham, B. Beal, B. Johnson 23 Lost to

F. Muller (OG), B. Collins, J. Cowin, J.Clifford 24

B. Hagerstrom (OG), S. DeRohan, D. Morris, T. Bennett 27 Def

C. Jarman, M. Van Der Merwe, L. Whyte, M. Lehmann 22


L. Bell, Y. Turner, S. Graham, M. Barrett 24 Drew with

T. Kempster, M. Barker, M. Turner, G. Steinwedel 24

M. Pease, B. Platten, H. Berden, J. Bell 27 Def

E. Florance, J. Lovering, M. Glasson, L. Werner 20


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