Youth charged following Port Lincoln break-ins

Safety concern after pair of Port Lincoln break-ins

A group of Port Lincoln residents have expressed concern for the ongoing safety of them and others in the community following a pair of break-ins early Sunday morning.

A police spokesperson said at about 4.30am, police were called to a residence at Hilltop Drive, after the occupants had awoken to find an intruder in their house.

The owners of the Hilltop Drive property, who did not wish to be named, say at about 4.30am an intruder entered their home with their daughter waking to find the suspect standing in her bedroom.

The female resident said her daughter spent the next few minutes texting her to try to wake her up, afraid if she called the intruder would hear her.

She said she woke up and informed her husband that someone was in their home and after looking over the balcony he discovered the intruder with items he had stolen including a game console, a handbag and alcohol.

The man said he chased the perpetrator into the street and saw the youth go into the front yard of one of the properties, remaining in the street to keep a watch out for any movement.

He said a taxi had arrived a short time later, which indicated the perpetrator had allegedly called for it to take him away from the scene.

Police confirm the offender, a 15-year-old Port Lincoln youth, was allegedly located hiding in the front garden of a nearby house and was arrested and charged with two counts of serious criminal trespass, dishonestly deal with property, breach of bail and carry an offensive weapon or article of disguise.

Text messages made by the daughter of the owners of the Hilltop Drive property after a intruder broke into their house. Photo: supplied

Text messages made by the daughter of the owners of the Hilltop Drive property after a intruder broke into their house. Photo: supplied

The spokesperson said earlier at about 3.20am on November 28 a youth had allegedly entered an unlocked house on Highview Drive and stole several items, and subsequently is alleged to have stolen a Jeep Grand Cherokee from the front of the property.

The car was later located abandoned on Hanchant Road having collided with trees on the side of the road.

The spokesperson said while in custody the youth was allegedly found to have the keys to the stolen vehicle from the previous incident in their possession, which helped Port Lincoln police locate the alleged victim.

The youth has been denied bail and was scheduled to appear in Port Lincoln Youth Court today.

The Hilltop Drive family have expressed their concerns for their safety, having been broken into about six months ago.

The female Hilltop Drive resident said the family appreciated the support provided by police in the days after the incident, however break ins continued to happen across the community and community safety was at risk.

"Everybody has the right to feel safe in their homes, it's not about the items stolen but about feeling scared in your own home," she said.

"We're all very emotionally drained and pretty p***ed off it continues to happen in the community."

The Highview Drive resident, who also did not want to be named, said she had been broken into herself in 2018 and had also had her car broken into numerous times.

"It's a nice street, we're in a nice area and honestly it's the last thing we thought would happen," she said.

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