Sailing returns to Kangaroo Island at the yacht club

Sailing fun.
Sailing fun.

Six boats on Saturday raced in light north easterly breeze, including two Arrow catamarans and four Pacers.

One come straight back in. Ruth Loechel's catamaran Alie 8'scenter board pull down cleat had pulled out.

With farmer John's advice, a stick and a knot in the rope, she was able to get going again, a full lap behind her opponent Mark Agnew in/on his cat Flying Feline.

Mark, being the gentle man he is, ditched at the windward mark allowing Ruth to catch up, a bit.

At the home buoy, he again waited for Ruth or maybe he just "got in irons", or failed to go about.

It was Ruth's first time out seriously sailing her boat.

There might have been eight boats out but two skippers, noting the lack of wind not being much of a challenge, went home.

A couple of young fellows, Huon Ley and Tom Gearing had a bit of difficulty just after they finished.

They ditched and had quite a bit of trouble righting the boat.

Their jib had formed a wind sock and kept turning the boat around.

Eventually assistance was provided by Nathan Ley, who was taken out by the 2 Tricky Dicks, Steve Dixon and Richard Ley in rescue boat Viking.

Because of the initial light breeze, the course was shortened to 600-metre legs but a strengthening wind meant the boats would have finished well within an hour. So Viking cruised up to each one and told them to do another lap.

Results: 1st over the line, Flying Feline, 2nd and 1st Pacer Nathan Ley and "friend", 2nd Pacer Huon Ley and Jack Anderson, 3rd Pacer Daniel Pledge and Trish Van Der Linden, they took it in turns skippering, and 4th Pacer over the line, Huon and Tom.

They have a bit of a problem with their jibing. It is possible the Kangaroo Island Yacht Club will be having meals again in a couple weeks time. Linc Willson has offered to start his Saturday sailing lessons so why not stop by to learn.

The Islander's coverage of the Sydney to Hobart covered how Adelaide barrister Ian Roberts learned to sail off the beach at the yacht club. Ian back in March acquired his latest yacht, a Beneteau 44.7, renaming her Bowline, which will no doubt visit KI one day soon. - Wayne Loechel