Concerns about T-Ports Kingscote timber truck plan

Entrance to Kingscote.
Entrance to Kingscote.

Kangaroo Island councillor David Mepham says a proposal by T-Ports to ship timber products through Kingscote could see at least 360 truck movements a day on shipping days for the next two to six years.

The KI Council at its January meeting considered T-Ports' proposal for a timber storage area off Ten Trees Road, where material from forestry clearing operations would be stockpiled.

In addition to noise and dust considerations, T-Ports was required to complete community consultation on the the trucking operation and vehicle movements, he said.

It's expected to release more details during the consultation process, including how timber products would be transported to and from the wharf, he said.

T-Ports in March last year announced an agreement with then Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers and other companies to "tranship" timber products using its vessel MV Lucky Eyre.

The Islander has sought comment from T-Ports.

Cr Mepham, a professional planner, said trucks would negatively impact on not only the school, hospital and new aged care facility at the old Island Motel, but also tourism, particularly at the wharf.

And the proposal could open the door for other industries to use the wharf area for shipping.

"This could put Kingscote into a big hole at time when the town is rebuilding itself as a post industrial tourist destination, where one of the main focusses will be amenity of the waterfront," he said.

He pointed to the Kingscote town centre improvements being planned by the council, a brewery in the old police station and the new silo project.

The KI Tourism Alliance chairperson, Susi Whitehead, said she was canvassing alliance members for their views on the proposal.